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Over 20 Years of Experience In Legal IT Solutions

With over two decades of experience, Datatek specializes in providing tailored IT solutions for different law firms and legal departments. Our expertise ensures secure and efficient management of your IT infrastructure, helping you focus on delivering top-notch legal services.

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Over 20 Years of Specialization in Legal IT Solutions

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Our Process

Local Managed IT Company in Arizona

Datatek implements a full service IT management system that gives you the technology solutions for all of your business needs. Using an on-site weekly visit and no ticket system, we consult with you on a regular basis to ensure the full optimization of all of your tech needs. We will analyze your existing system, provide expert recommendations to improve your security, efficiency, and functionality, and provide you with ongoing maintenance and support to debug any and all failing connections and malfunctioning hardware.

As a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist and Dell Partner Direct our team can give you industry leading IT management to help dictate the architecture of your data systems as well as debug and resolve fallacies in your existing technology. Contact us today to learn more!

Datatek Offers Communication, Analysis, Improvement, Support, And Debug

Comprehensive IT Support Services for Every Type Of Law Firm

Datatek provides tailored IT support services designed to meet the unique needs of law firms. From advanced cybersecurity measures and robust data management to seamless cloud solutions and responsive help desk support, our full services ensure your firm’s technology infrastructure is secure, efficient, and reliable, allowing you to focus on your legal practice.

  • Working With Law Firms Of Every Size
  • IT Support For National & Local Legal Practices
Comprehensive IT Support Services for Every Type Of Law Firm

Tailored Solutions For Every Area Of Practice

Bankruptcy, Injury, Criminal, Estate, Business & More

At Datatek, we understand that each legal practice has unique IT needs. Our tailored solutions cater to every area of law, including bankruptcy, injury, criminal defense, estate planning, business law, and more. We provide specialized IT services in Arizona to enhance your firm’s efficiency, security, and productivity, ensuring you have the technology support you need to excel in your practice.

Serving Clients In Person & Remotely

Serving Clients In Person & Remotely

Emergency IT Services & Disaster Mitigation Planning

Datatek offers prompt emergency IT services and complete disaster mitigation planning for Arizona law firms. Our experts quickly address urgent IT issues, minimizing downtime and data loss. We also develop robust disaster recovery plans, ensuring your firm remains resilient and operational in any crisis.

Everyday Support & Systems Optimization

We provide ongoing IT support and systems optimization for law firms, both in person and remotely. Our team ensures your technology runs smoothly, enhancing performance and reliability. From routine maintenance to proactive monitoring, we keep your systems efficient and secure, allowing you to focus on your legal work.

Serving Clients In Person & Remotely

Datatek Leading Provider Of IT Legal Support Services In Arizona & Surrounding Areas

Core Services We Provide
As Part Of Managed It

IT Company with Cloud Services for Law offices

Cloud Services

Our team offers on-demand cloud computing support to assist setup and management of your cloud infrastructure.

IT Company with Data Recovery for Law offices

Data Recovery

With our 3-2-1 backup systems, recovering your data is simple and effective with our cutting edge data recovery solutions.

IT Company with Email Management Services for Law offices

Email Management

Datatek provides enterprise level email services including administration, set-up, archiving, data storage, and much more.

IT Company with Hardware Repair for Law offices

Hardware Service

Get top-rated hardware setup and repairs when you consult with the Arizona computer repair technicians at Datatek.

IT Consulting for Law offices

IT Consulting

Our team offers a wide range of IT consulting services, including regularly scheduled, in-house visits to meet all of your IT needs.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Datatek provides a cutting edge data system setup to ensure best accessibility, security, and management of your data.

IT Company with Security Services


Datatek offers a wide range of data security solutions to ensure that your information & technology are safe from malware and other threats.

IT Company with Online Server Support

Server support

At Datatek, we provide a protective approach to server support and monitoring to keep your data and security intact.

The Datatek Difference

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Client Success Stories:
Law Firm Achieves Outstanding Results with Datatek Support

A local law firm faced several IT challenges that were hindering their efficiency and service delivery. They partnered with Datatek for a reliable solution, and we were ready to help with our comprehensive IT support. The results were transformative, leading to significant improvements in their operations. With our help, they experienced:

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Efficient Practice Management Software Integration

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Safe Data Management

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24/7 IT support

Michael S. Lawyer in Arizona

Partnering with Datatek has been a game-changer for our firm. We couldn’t be more grateful!”

Michael S. – Scottsdale

IT Whitepaper for Legal Companies

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Enhancing Efficiency In Legal Practices With Innovative Technologies

Our whitepaper provides insights into leveraging innovative technologies to enhance efficiency in legal practices. Discover how advanced IT solutions can streamline operations, improve client services, and reduce costs. Register now to gain access to this valuable resource and stay ahead in the legal tech landscape.

Streamlined IT Support for
Specialized Legal Case Management Software

Time-Tracking Software

Advanced Time Tracking Software For Legal Experts

At Datatek, we understand the importance of time-tracking, so we designed an advanced time-tracking software that offers precise, user-friendly features to help you manage billable hours accurately. Stay on top of your time management and enhance productivity with our cutting-edge solutions.

Legal Case Management

Efficient Legal Case Management Solutions

We created unique management solutions to streamline your legal practice effortlessly. With intuitive interfaces and powerful features, managing cases becomes a manageable job. Our software integrates seamlessly into your workflow, enhancing efficiency and ensuring every case is handled with precision and care.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Robust Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Datatek’s robust data backup and disaster recovery services ensure your information is secure and recoverable. In case of data loss or system failure, our solutions provide quick and efficient recovery, minimizing downtime and protecting your practice’s continuity.

Network Security and Data Protection

Enhanced Network & Data Security for Law Offices

Our enhanced network and data security services safeguard your sensitive information against threats. We implement advanced security protocols and provide continuous monitoring to ensure your law office remains protected from cyberattacks and data breaches.

Expertise In Legal Practice Management Software Solutions

Expertise in ProLaw, Time Matters, Amicus, LexisNexis, & Clio

Our team has extensive experience with leading legal software such as ProLaw, Time Matters, Amicus, LexisNexis, and Clio. We offer comprehensive support and training to ensure you get the most out of these powerful tools.

Optimized Communication Systems

Optimized Communication Systems For Law Firms

Thanks to our communication systems, you can now count on reliable and secure channels for internal and client interactions. From VoIP solutions to secure email and messaging, we ensure your firm’s communication infrastructure supports smooth and efficient operations.

A Local MSP Specializing In IT Support For Legal Practices And Attorneys

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FAQs About IT Legal Solutions


Yes, we provide comprehensive support for legal document automation systems. Our team is experienced in integrating and optimizing various document automation platforms to meet the unique needs of legal practices. We start by understanding your specific requirements, and then recommend and implement the best solutions to automate document creation, management, and storage. Our services include configuring templates, setting up workflows, and ensuring seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, we offer training sessions to ensure your staff is proficient in using the new systems, thereby maximizing productivity and minimizing errors. Our ongoing support includes regular updates, troubleshooting, and system optimization to keep your automation tools running smoothly. By automating repetitive tasks, we help your firm save time, reduce costs, and improve accuracy in document handling, allowing your legal professionals to focus more on client-centric activities.

Integration with legal billing and accounting software is a critical aspect of our IT services. We start the process by assessing your current systems and identifying the most compatible billing and accounting software that meets your firm’s needs. Our team then manages the entire integration process, ensuring seamless data flow between different platforms. This includes setting up automated billing, expense tracking, and financial reporting features. We ensure that all your financial data is accurately captured and easily accessible, facilitating streamlined operations and compliance with legal and financial regulations. Our integration services also include customizing the software to match your firm’s specific billing structures and accounting practices. We provide thorough training to your staff, ensuring they are comfortable and efficient in using the integrated systems. Additionally, our support team is available to address any issues, provide updates, and ensure the software continues to meet your evolving needs.
We offer a range of advanced analytics tools designed to enhance the management and utilization of legal data. These tools include predictive analytics, data visualization, and reporting solutions that provide deep insights into various aspects of legal operations. Our predictive analytics tools help firms forecast trends, identify potential risks, and make informed decisions. Data visualization tools transform complex data sets into easy-to-understand charts and graphs, promoting better analysis and communication of key metrics. Our reporting solutions are customizable, allowing you to generate reports according to your firm’s specific needs, such as case performance, client satisfaction, and financial health. Additionally, we offer tools for text and sentiment analysis, which are particularly useful for understanding large volumes of legal documents and client communications. By leveraging these advanced analytics tools, your firm can gain actionable insights, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes.
Optimizing workflow efficiency in legal practice management software is one of our core services. We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current processes and identifying areas for improvement. Based on this assessment, we customize the practice management software to streamline workflows and eliminate bottlenecks. This includes automating routine tasks such as case management, document handling, and client communications. We also integrate the software with other essential tools your firm uses, ensuring seamless data flow and reducing manual data entry. Our optimization process includes setting up automated reminders, task assignments, and workflow templates that standardize best practices across your firm. We provide training to ensure your team can fully utilize the software’s features, enhancing their productivity. Additionally, we offer continuous support and updates to keep the software running efficiently, adapting to any changes in your firm’s needs or industry standards.
We offer comprehensive support for virtual law office setups, ensuring your practice can operate seamlessly from any location. Our services start with a detailed consultation to understand your specific requirements and challenges. We then design and implement a virtual office infrastructure that includes secure remote access, cloud-based document management, and collaboration tools. Our solutions prioritize data security, employing advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive client information. We also set up virtual communication systems, such as VoIP and secure video conferencing, to facilitate effective client interactions and team meetings. Additionally, we provide training for your staff on best practices for remote work and the use of virtual office tools. Our ongoing support includes regular system maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting to ensure your virtual office remains efficient and secure. With our support, you can confidently manage your legal practice remotely, maintaining high standards of service and compliance.
Ensuring compatibility with court filing systems and requirements is a critical aspect of our IT legal solutions. To ensure this compatibility, we first analyze the specific electronic filing standards and protocols used by the courts your firm interacts with. Our team configures your case management software and document preparation tools to meet these standards, ensuring all submissions are compliant with court requirements. We integrate e-filing capabilities directly into your systems, allowing for seamless submission of legal documents. Regular updates are provided to keep your systems in line with any changes in court filing procedures. We also offer training for your staff to familiarize them with the e-filing process and ensure they can use the systems efficiently. Our support services include troubleshooting and resolving any technical issues related to court filings promptly. By ensuring compatibility with court filing systems, we help your firm avoid delays and rejections, streamlining the submission process and enhancing overall efficiency.

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